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Why continue to hand-dredge soggy gutter debris when there is a better alternative.
Replace the old with the new and enjoy the revolutionary, maintenance-free for life with
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Gutters keep rain water flowing and keps out debris
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Eliminate the troublesome job of cleaning out your gutters with the most advanced rain gutter design in 40 years.

The Only One-Piece Patented Gutter Systems

LeafGuard gutter systems is the original and only one-piece gutter system, with a built-in hood that deflects leaves and other debris. This unique, seamless design keeps debris from collecting in your gutters which no other gutter cover system can claim to have a patent on a one-piece covered gutter.

LeafGuard gutter system is the original and only one-piece seamless gutter system. Its built-in hood covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris. The hood is not an add-on, but an integral part of the gutter itself.

Since 1993 when it was introduced to the market,LeafGuard has been the leading covered gutter in America. LeafGuard’s patented design keeps rainwater running freely and safely away from your home – each and every time it rains.

LeafGuard Gutter Systems